A+ Rigging is able to refit any type of mast on any type of boat. We are experienced in traditional classic sloops, schooners and ketches but also in the modern racing boats.

We are well connected with all the big mast manufactures such as Hall Spars, Southern Spars, Offshore Spars Nordic mast, etc.

We are able to service all rod rigging, wire rigging and modern PBO or Carbon rigging.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Pulling masts
  • Stripping for painting
  • Painting masts in cooperation with local painters
  • Standing rigging services with in-house rod heading press
  • Hydraulic Furling Gear Services
  • Running Rigging

We work closely with the world’s largest rod and rigging manufacturer – Global BSI.


A+ Rigging has a large number of rods in stock and is able to head rods up to -320 (38.1mm). We have a mobile press to head rods up to -115 (22.1mm) this is mainly to head forestay without dismantling the whole stay thereby saving time and money.

All masts with rod rigging should be pulled each 4 years to check “all” the cold-heads and fittings for wear and tear failures. This is a well known standard in the industry and recommended by all the rod rigging and fitting manufacturers.

A+ Rigging services all standard rigging brands and sizes and works in conjunction with manufacturers such as OYS, Navtec and our main supplier – Global BSI.

Global BSI components are consistently lighter than those of their competitors and with the unique and versatile manufacturing capability of BSI A/S they offer the industry unprecedented flexibility, rapid response times and unmatched customer service.

  • Removal, overhaul, service and testing of all hydraulic cylinders
  • Removal, overhaul, service and testing of all furling motors
  • Splicing all running rigging out of own stock
  • Splicing all mooring lines out of own stock
  • Check and replace all wire standing rigging and life lines
  • Crane wires with factory certifications
  • Rigging surveys and reports for insurance proposal
  • Custom deck layouts


Working in conjunction with ‘Industry Professionals’…